Our Vision

A Sense of Self

Humanity holds that all life is interconnected. There is a unity of body, mind, and spirit, and
indeed, of everything living on this planet. An essential ingredient for people to energise
themselves is to have a sense of self, nourishment of the soul, and the nurturing that a
spiritual element can give. Those living with mental Illness need hope to act as a trigger for
recovery. Some of the pathways to recovery include a home; friends; and eventual integration
into the community. Our vision is to create an environment to assist people to live with a
sense of permanency, thereby enabling them to have hope; enhanced optimism; confidence;
a sense of self and emotional wellness.

Our Mission

We will foster a model of interdependence for the individual, within their immediate
environment and community. We will ensure appropriate, accessible and well run support
systems are in place.

We seek to attract and employ professional staff who will embrace our vision.
Families and volunteers will integrate with tenants, providing social and community support.
This will offer certainty across the lifespan of people affected by illness.

We will create an environment of safety; peace; harmony; and compassion.

Our support will be inclusive and involve service providers, tenants, family members,
volunteers and carers, in a joint undertaking that supports interdependent living.

Our Goals

The Haven Foundation has been established in response to a direct need.

We aim to provide socially and financially disadvantaged individuals living with mental illness,
the opportunity to access housing which provides normality and stability; and offer a sense
of permanency in housing and daily living support, which is not provisional upon involvement
in any other support.